Ms. Joan Bondoc: Photojournalist, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Gigie Cruz talks to the first Filipino woman photojournalist on the value of ethics

Ms. Joan Bondoc has been a photojournalist for 14 years, started her career as a photojournalist with The Philippine Daily Globe then joined Philippine Daily Inquirer 2 years after, initially as a Correspondent eventually accepting a full-time job covering news.

She traversed what used to be considered a man’s world, but her passion for photography didn’t stop her from doing what she loves best – taking great pictures. It was indeed difficult during the first years since the arena was so competitive especially for a woman photographer but her strong-will opened the gate of photojournalism to women.

Ms. Joan Bondoc without a camera, posing for the interview.  
Photograph by Gigie Cruz.

Ms. Bondoc believes that a photojournalist should be resourceful, creative and abreast with current issues. She also believes that one shouldn’t be selfish by sharing information on news events to other photojournalists. She said her assertiveness comes in handy especially when she comes in late (unavoidable at times) during a press event. She tries her best to persuade the subject so she can shoot for her agency. She stressed though that images should not be staged and at the very least photojournalists should only give suggestions or ideas on how to improve the image. Images should never be manipulated she added. Manipulation should only be limited to cropping and sharpening. She cited a case when one of her photos was manipulated as per the Desk Editor’s decision, she was questioned by fellow photojournalist but explained to them that it was beyond her control and was not consulted about it. She aired her grievance to her Photo Editor to address the problem.

“Envelopmental journalism” for her is distasteful. She believes that an event will be covered if it is relevant.

Ms. Bondoc believes that PASSION should keep photojournalists going and this should be reinforced with knowledge, awareness of responsibilities, credibility and objectivity. 

                         Joan's son, Gab, gives his mom a kiss upon arriving from school.
                                                                                     Photograph by Gigie Cruz.


  1. i used to work with Joan at Daily Globe. nice to see her here. Haven't seen her in ages. super nice person.

  2. ma'am can i ask what school did you study in being a photojournalist?

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